Reasons to Love Winter Weddings

Winter Wedding

Image Credit: Fabrice Lambert (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

May and June have classically been the most popular wedding months, but more brides and grooms are choosing chillier months for their fairy-tale nuptials. December is now among the top popular wedding months, but there are reasons to consider other snowy months (and venues) to say “I do.”

Winter Theme

You don’t have to replicate the movie Frozen, but you can certainly incorporate any number of winter elements into your wedding theme that wouldn’t work in the spring and summer. Snowflakes, icicles, holiday lights, combined with rich and thick fabrics, scarves, and other hallmarks of the season will feel magical against the new-fallen snow. And if there’s a stable nearby, who’s to stop you from riding to your reception in style—in a horse-drawn sleigh?

Save on Venues and Vendors

Because winter dates aren’t on every bride’s list, you should have an easier time booking your venue and vendors on your chosen date. And you’ll likely save significantly on many of the bills—some estimates indicate 25% or more.

Weather Is Welcome…

You know what kind of weather to expect, so you plan your ceremony and reception to celebrate it rather than dread a little precipitation—or a lot!

… Unless Winter Is a Reason to Get Away!

An off-season winter destination wedding may be just what the bride, groom, and loved ones are longing for. Take advantage of specials during less-popular months to take the ceremony on the road to an island destination.

Unique Favors and Tablescapes

With many spring flowers out of bloom during the winter, decorations can feature winter blooms, evergreens, twigs or vine branches, or other elements that are common in winter. And instead of common summer fare, gloves or scarves in your color scheme are cute and useful favors.

Not Your Average Wedding Dress

Winter wedding dresses can stand on their own or pair well with accessories that are both lovely and practical (for keeping a bit warmer!). Scarves, stoles, overcoats, and dressy boots make your gown extra special for the winter atmosphere.

Choose Just About Any Color Palette

Set off by a brilliant white backdrop, nearly any color palette goes for your winter wedding. Deep saturated colors are an excellent contrast to the muted outdoor scenery, though sparkly finishes and metallic tones are lovely as well!

Warm Food and Drinks to Warm Guests’ Hearts

The chill outside is excellent motivation to fill your guests’ bowls, plates, and mugs with tasty and warming foods. Hot cocoa (or hot toddies) are a nice way to start or end the meal. Hearty soup or stew is a satisfying first course. And casseroles and other comfort foods can be featured as a side or even main course. If guests don’t work it off on the dance floor, the extra clothing layers will hide the full tummies!

Off to the Honeymoon

Every newlywed couple looks forward to heading off for their honeymoon, but a winter wedding makes the vacation seem even sweeter. It’s either a lovely precursor to a cold weather trip (like skiing in Colorado or even abroad) that would be unthinkable after a warm-weather wedding, or it’s a wonderful contrast from beaches and crystal blue waters.

Have you attended a winter wedding? Or are you planning your own either this year or next? What unique elements have you enjoyed from a winter ceremony?

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