Why You Should Consider a Destination Wedding

Tropical Destination Wedding Aisle

No longer are destination weddings only for the “money is no object” bridge and groom. In fact, a destination wedding can actually be an affordable way to celebrate your nuptials. Here are compelling reasons you might consider taking your ceremony on the road (or to the beach).

You’d like a simple but memorable ceremony

Weddings can take months, even over a year, to plan. Details in a modern wedding can take over and make the process overwhelming, rather than joyous: venues, food, seating charts, the officiant—it’s a complex and costly process to pull off, and can be stressful right up to the “I Dos.”

But a destination wedding, especially at wedding-friendly resorts, can be much less stressful. Such venues handle weddings like this all the time, and will do everything for you. Plus, with a likely smaller guest list, there are fewer people to accommodate. You can enjoy each other, beautiful tropical weather, and magical memories to last a lifetime.

Your friends and family are scattered coast to coast

Sometimes destination weddings (and those who choose them) are criticized for being selfish—either expecting people to pay lots of money to travel, or excluding people because of the expense. That may be a valid complaint if (nearly) everyone in the lives of the bride and groom are local. But what if your loved ones live all over the country? Or overseas? If the majority of your guests will travel to your local wedding, pay for hotel accommodations and food, and still give you a gift, then a destination wedding can actually save your guests money too. An all-inclusive resort may be cheaper than local hotel accommodations and travel expenses.

Alternatively, a small wedding party can be invited to participate in the destination wedding while a reception can be held “back home” for the full guest list. Both options can be cost-saving for the bride and groom, and guests.

Perfect for second (or third, or…) marriage

If this isn’t your first trip down the aisle, then you may be up for a change from the traditional ceremony. Why not enjoy a tropical vacation, being pampered rather than stressing over details, and enjoying the company of a few close friends? It’s also a great way for couples that have been together for a long time to finally tie the knot.

Instant honeymoon (and vacation with your closest friends)

No post-ceremony vacation planning—you’re already there! And for those who’ve come along to witness the nuptials, it’s a bonus vacation and opportunity for a few more celebrations in paradise.

Best wedding album ever

Everyone hopes for wedding photos that you can ooh and aah over for years to come, but few albums are as gorgeous as those set in the tropics. Crystal waters, rich blue skies, white sandy beaches, waving palm trees, and your dearest loved ones. Photos you’ll love, and that your photographer will be ecstatic to capture!

What are you waiting for?

Save money, enjoy a magical ceremony and heavenly vacation, and celebrate with friends and family in paradise… what are you waiting for? That’s why destination weddings aren’t just an indulgence, but a great option for your wedding plan.

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